About Kumbuya

What is Kumbuya?

On Kumbuya, users join and create themed communities that we call Camps. Within each Camp, members connect over the things they love by posting topic-related media, comments, and user-generated content. Because communities are curated by the most enthusiastic fans, members get to engage in a beautiful medium that caters directly to their interests.

Kumbuya is Social Commerce

Unlike other existing social platforms that turn your users into their commodities, Kumbuya empowers you to benefit from the camp that you build and that you curate. Kumbuya offers individuals and businesses the ability to seamlessly communicate through common interests, which transitions into buying and selling more effectively than other social networks based on friends and personal relationships.

Camp leaders have the ability to choose which businesses and organizations can reach the members within their camp, and the camp leader shares in the revenue when business is transacted.  Kumbuya doesn't turn you or your camp into the commodity, we facilitate interactions based on mutual interests which includes commercial transactions when you decide they are appropriate.

Creating a Camp

Creating a camp is easy- just pick something you love and start posting about it. Then, invite your friends and followers to join in.

Create a camp.

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Sell Products

With Kumbuya's simple sell process, users and businesses can make their items available directly within communities and across social media platforms by using one of our many sharing options. Kumbuya does not take any percentage of your sale price. Kumbuya is paid via a simple transaction fee at the time of purchase. You can finally realize the potential of social media by converting users to sales with an easy method for determining where those sales were generated.

Sell Within Your Camp

Selling within your camp is easy. There is no pre-approval necessary and you can choose to receive your payment via PayPal or check. Kumbuya takes no portion of your sale price.

Allow Other's To Sell In Your Camp

If you choose to allow your camp members to sell products within your camp you can do so at your discretion. You pick which items are approved to appear within your camp and which are rejected. Whenever one of you camp members makes a sale within your camp, you receive 10% of the sale price automatically.

View some items currently for sale on Kumbuya: http://kumbuya.com/sales/

Learn more about how you can sell products on Kumbuya: http://kumbuya.com/sell/

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