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  • Welcome to Kumbuya

    A fully integrated social commerce solution for your business.

    Unlike other existing social platforms that turn your users into their commodities, Kumbuya empowers you to benefit from the community that you build and that you curate. Kumbuya offers businesses the ability to seamlessly communicate through common interests, which transitions effectively into buying and selling.

    Why Kumbuya?

    Kumbuya is a not just another social network, it is designed for businesses and social commerce. It allows you to interact with your consumers more intimately around the core of their interests. Kumbuya’s clean layout makes it easy for members to post unique content, interact with others and share across all social media outlets. In turn, provides you with the marketplace to list products for sale directly on your page to be viewed by the people that want it the most.


    With sophisticated administrative options you can control your brand message while facilitating social interactions with the public. Your business can assign administrators, require pre-approval of public posts, embed the community on your own website to drive traffic to your domain and much more.

    Dedicated 24/7 Support

    For business accounts, Kumbuya assigns dedicated liaisons to ensure you are accomplishing your business objectives effectively. Find Out More about our dedicated support services.

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    Create a Community

    Engage your customers and grow your base.
    • Bring e-commerce to the forefront by creating a community around your business on a beautiful multidimensional platform. Add content, engage with your members, and list products for sale right off your page.
    • In addition to creating a user generated community you are able to seek out and join other communities where you can find new opportunities to grow your sales.
    • Embed a community right into your existing website. (Learn More)

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    Sell Products

    Target customers who are engaged, and keep your money.
    • Add a bottom line to your marketing efforts by placing products for sale where your audience engages most. Request to sell in other communities, allow others to sell in yours, and build business relationships and make money based strictly off your online presence.
    • Learn More about selling your products om Kumbuya.

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    Community Chat

    Our Kumbuya users have created some amazing communities and filled them with interested and excited members! As your communities are growing, we wanted to give you a way to connect with each other at an even more personal level, so we added CHAT!

    Now, each time you enter a community you have joined, you can have real-time conversations with other members! Ask questions, share tips, or just have a friendly conversation!

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    Protect Your Brand

    Drive traffic to your blog and protect your brand.
    • Embed your entire Kumbuya community within a page on your blog easily with a single code snippet. (see example below, and click to Learn More)
    • Change your settings to require approval before posts from your members are made visible to others in your community.

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    * Up to $5,000 in transactions at 0% transaction fee for your first 6 months.

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