Content Policy

Last Updated: 12/28/2012

Kumbuya Objectionable Content Policy

Our goal is to foster safe and enjoyable Communities so that all of our users can have a smooth and rewarding experience. To help promote such a community, Kumbuya prohibits the sale of certain items, and the communication of certain materials. If you encounter any item or content on the Service that you believe is unlawful or inappropriate (including any content that violates this policy), please contact customer service via email at

Please note that the following lists are exemplary and not exhaustive, and Kumbuya reserves the right to remove content or items listed for sale for any reason at any time. Further, we may modify this policy from time to time, so we encourage you to visit this page regularly to see the most updates.

Prohibited Items.

The following items may not be bought or sold on Kumbuya:

1. Items that that violate or infringe the intellectual property, publicity, privacy, or other rights others, including without limitation pirated or otherwise unauthorized copies of music or film
2. Counterfeit or stolen goods, or items used in the production of counterfeit goods or in obtaining unauthorized access to any type of communication, place, or vehicle
3. Electronic surveillance equipment
4. Items that may be harmful to minors
5. Pornography or other items intended for "adult" use or viewing, including any item that contains nudity, graphic or sexually explicit materials, or that is otherwise obscene
6. Weapons and ammunition
7. Fireworks and other explosives
8. Hazardous or restricted materials and chemicals, including pesticides
9. Food items or other perishable items
10. Wine, beer, spirits, or other alcoholic beverages
11. Tobacco products
12. Illegal drugs or other controlled substances, and drug paraphernalia
13. Prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals of any kind
14. Medical devices
15. Human bodies, body parts and bodily fluids (including hair)
16. Fur or exotic skins (as apparel or otherwise), or other animal items or products containing animal items subject to laws or regulations for the protection of animals
17. Plants and seeds
18. Items that are subject to any government or manufacturer’s recall
19. Currency
20. Stocks and securities
21. Gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, and stored value cards
22. Contracts, including mobile phone or other service plans
23. Event or other tickets
24. Travel and travel vouchers
25. Government-issued identification documents
26. Gambling items
27. Law enforcement or military items
28. Grave-related items, historical artifacts, and items from caves on federal land
29. Real estate
30. Mailing lists and personal information
31. Items that are non-transferable, such as items that are for promotional use only
32. Magazine subscriptions
33. Pre-order items
34. Any objectionable, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate item, including items associated with any of the following:
a. Disasters and human tragedies
b. Ku Klux Klan or other similar organizations
c. Nazis and Nazi-related agendas
d. Terrorists or terrorism
e. Violent crimes or criminals
f. Racially or ethnically offensive language
g. Explicit, graphic or violent material

Prohibited Content.

The following types of content may not be included in materials you submit to or communicate through any Community:

1. Profanity
2. Nudity, or other explicit, graphic, or obscene subject matter
3. Music
4. Threats, intimidation, or insults
5. Hate speech
6. Content that is racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory, disrespectful, or offensive
7. Advocacy of unlawful behavior
8. Display or use of a trademark of another in a way that would misleadingly indicate a sponsorship or affiliation

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